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Additional Apps and Modules

Additional Apps and Modules

A wide range of additional apps for customers’ needs

WOTT Instant Feedback

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH ABOUT THE SERVICE YOU ARE PROVIDING. Our solution is a tablet pc embedded in a stand with Webropol’s WOTT module connected to the Webropol system through 4G network or Wifi. This solution is cost efficient and easy to use.


TESTS AND QUIZZES. Webropol e-Test is used by hundreds of organisations and tens of countries ranging from language skill tests to evaluating competence levels of car mechanics. Both the creator and the taker of the tests receive feedback directly once a test is completed. Randomising questions and question alternatives is a must have for tests and quizzes.

CAF (Common Assessment Framework) quality assessments

QUALITY ASSESSMENTS OF THE ORGANISATION AND ITS LEADERSHIP. The Webropol CAF module significantly reduces the time spent on quality assessments. The CAF based questionnaire is easy to modify so it is applicable for the part of the organisation that will be assessed. Thanks to customer feedback we have also added weighting of scores. The greatest benefit is the versatile reporting which enables drilling in to results and comparing with other assessments.

Text Mining

OPEN ENDED RESPONSES. Webropol Analytics Text Mining is a quick to learn text analysis solution, enabling weeks worth of manual text analysis to be completed in days or even quicker.

Insight, Simulation

INSIGHT AND SIMULATION. Webropol Analytics Insight enables the simulation of scenarios, and is easily learned. Simulation alternatives are created in seconds.

Professional Statistics

OPTIMIZE THE USE OF TIME FOR RESEARCHERS. No more tedious setting up of analysis tools if you use Webropol Analytics Professional Statistics. The tool includes such analytics tools as Chi2, Correlations (Pearson, Spearman), Cronbach α, SOM, Sammon map, Hierarchical cluster analysis, PLS regression, Stepwise regression, t-tests and similar non-parametric tests (Wilcoxons test, Mann-Whitneys U-test), ANOVA and similar non-parametric tests (Kruskal-Wallis), and GAP analysis.

Advanced Cross Tabulation

DEMANDING AND HIGH LEVEL RESEARCH often requires a full scale cross tabulation of the entire data. This is very quickly done in Webropol Analytics Professional Statistics.

Mass Reporting

CREATING GREAT NUMBERS OF INDIVIDUAL REPORTS FROM YOUR DATA. An individual report takes minutes. When you need to create hundreds or even thousands of reports, it can take weeks.

Mass Reporting in Webropol creates thousands of reports in minutes.


NOT JUST FOR EVALUATING STAFF. 360 surveys provide information from different angles of persons, products, services or anything you wish to evaluate. When evaluating an individual, feedback is received from different viewpoints: managers, peers and team members. When evaluating a service the points of view could be e.g. customers, the service providing staff and their managers.

Store it all on your own server

INSTALL WEBROPOL ON YOUR OWN SERVERS. For data security reasons some organisations wish to have all the solutions they use on their own servers. Webropol supports this solution.

SSO, Single -Sign -On

USER FRIENDLINESS AND DATA SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS. Webropol can be easily connected to so called ”one username-user management”, meaning the user can access all his organisation’s software, including Webropol, with the same username and password.

Its user friendly, in line with increasing data security targets, and reduces manual user management.

Integration Plugs


CONNECT YOUR STRATEGIC SYSTEMS WITH WEBROPOL. When you require information from CRM, ERP, or accounting systems on your questionnaire as background information, for further analysis or just moving data responses collected with Webropol directly in to your systems, Webropol is your solution.

Integrations to Webropol are quick and easy to do. Our customers say: ”Small job, big benefits”.