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Everything you need from a 360 Feedback Survey Tool

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Collect 360-degree feedback with Webropol’s 360 module

360-degree feedback allows an employee to be evaluated in many different roles – as colleague, supervisor and subordinate. Feedback can also be collected from customers, producing a comprehensive view of an individual. Therefore, 360 research can be used to successfully improve and maintain workplace well-being and contribute to measurable progress and development within teams.

What are the benefits of 360-degree feedback?

  • Improving and maintaining transparency across the organisation
  • Developing a culture of honesty across the organisation
  • Inform key priorities for an organisation
  • Improving supervisor/manager priorities
  • Developing leadership priorities
  • Development of employees
  • Improving management support

How to create a successful 360 assessment project

  1. Use the 360 results to gain an understanding of the organisation currently
  2. Create a development plan for the areas in need of improvement
  3. Support the improvement process by including it as part of development discussions with employees
  4. Conduct follow-up research in order to measure progress
  5. Monitor success and celebrate achievement and development

The Webropol 360 module is freely available for Webropol License users at no extra cost. If you would like to know more, please fill out the contact request here!