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Aptitude tests and knowledge mapping with the eTest module

Additional Modules

Create automatically ranked test results with the help of the eTest module

The Webropol eTest module allows you to automatically score the answers of a test or exam and rank the respondents.

The eTest module also has the functionality to show the respondent their own test results at the end of the survey, indicating whether they passed or failed, allowing the respondent to receive instant feedback.

The eTest module can be used for a range of tests and exams across a variety of sectors, including job applications, tenders, quotations and many more. As Webropol eTest simplifies data collection and processing, it can benefit any function within any organisation.

All you need to do is create the required score for the questionnaire and Webropol will pick out the best respondents for you.

What can the eTest module be used for

  • Knowledge mapping
  • Placement test and peer comparison
  • Passing test of a study program
  • Academic/Further Education
  • Application scoring
  • Quotation scoring
  • Aptitude test
  • Training with the help of exercises and other learning solutions
  • Finding the best respondents in, for example, quotations and job applications

The eTest module also works retroactively: existing surveys which already have responses can be scored and all of the data will be available!