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Creating Great Numbers of Individual Reports from Your Data

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Often people can quickly produce individual reports within minutes. This usually requires an analyst that is familiar with the system to manually pull in metrics and build these reports. However what happens when you have data from a mass group. Having to create HUNDREDS, SOMETIMES EVEN THOUSANDS of reports could take weeks.

Webropol is trusted by thousands of people, of all skill levels, as a mass reporting tool. It allows you, in a matter of minutes, to create thousands of automated reports. Finally, there is something to make mass reporting easier, time efficient and cost effective.

We believe in transparent pricing ensuring you get exactly what you pay for and nothing less. Often more is included than you expect.

When using Webropol Mass Reporting, you can quickly cluster customers and audiences so that relevant information you require is there at a push of a button. Also, Webropol allows you to quickly export modifiable reports to MS Office document types. Mass reporting is so much easier when using Webropol.

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