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Webropol Academic – the smart choice for the knowledge business

Areas of use

Get to know everything about the university universe!

In a world of knowledge there is much to ask. Webropol Academic is a complete academic survey tool, especially designed for universities. In Finland all universities use Webropol. Webropol has a lot of functions for learning and education management. From students on their first day of school, to experienced professors, everyone will find a use for Webropol Academic.

  • Lots of useful functions for students, such as data collection, statistics, text analysis etc.
  • A flexible learning management system
  • Single sign-on (SSO) allows integration with other, existing university systems
  • Advanced reporting and analysis functionality

A cost-efficient tool for universities

The Webropol Academic survey tool has a flexible, versatile, user-friendly and fun interface that gives you full control over advanced functionality. The academic survey tool focuses on data collection and data processing, and lets you conduct both qualitative and quantitative surveys and analysis with the same ease-of-use and efficiency.

When do you use Webropol Academic?

In addition to evaluating courses, our academic customers have used Webropol for project-based studies, theses and invitations for different events. A flexible survey tool such as Webropol Academic can be adapted to several areas of use. Everything from the extensive quantitative research for your master’s thesis, to inviting all your friends to celebrate when the work is done!

This is Webropol Academic

Webropol Academic is a faculty specific license that includes the following tools:

  • Webropol Survey Tool
  • Webropol Text Analysis Tool
  • Webropol Professional Statistics
  • Webropol Insight
  • 3000 licenses for faculty students

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