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Getting the most out of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Business is no guessing game

The more you know about your customers, the happier you’ll make them. Customer satisfaction surveys are often the first step in successfully improving customer experiences. In Webropol, you are able to survey your customers in many different ways, for example periodic surveys via e-mail, post-purchase surveys via in-shop terminals or SMS, or continuous tracking CRM surveys.

Predict and react

When it comes to customer satisfaction surveys there is one golden rule: keep doing them. Actively listening to your customers gets you a deeper insight, and allows you to both predict and react more quickly to changes in the market. With Webropol Professional Statistics, you’ll understand exactly what affects different customer segment loyalty the most.

Stay ahead of the competition

Surveys let you know why customers choose you over your competitors, or the other way around. Also, implementing surveys in your marketing has several benefits. You can pre- and post-test campaigns, create newsletters and sales e-emails, measure customer demand or why not let your employees come up with marketing ideas through internal crowd sourcing? If you have the ideas, Webropol has the tools to realize them!

  • NPS tracking
  • Yearly customer satisfaction survey
  • Service quality
  • Buying behaviour

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