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Meet your customers’ needs with Webropol market research

What do people think about your products, services or ad campaigns? And why do some customers choose your products and some your competitors’? If you are looking for answers to these questions, then you should get to know the market, and Webropol, a bit better!

Webropol is an easily implemented business tool with a wide range of features that will save you considerable amounts of time and money. Market research is very useful especially when the company is new, at a crossroads, or about to launch a new product. It provides information on how well an existing product
or service works and what can be improved. It is also the perfect way to measure the effect of ad campaigns
or sponsorships.

By regularly conducting the same measurements with the same sample group you reveal changes in attitudes and trends over time, and how loyal customers are to a particular brand or company.

Market research provides answers to your target audience´s

  • Awareness of the brand and/or the product
  • Customer needs
  • Buying behaviour
  • Package design
  • Product innovation
  • Pricing
  • Satisfaction / dissatisfaction
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking

Get the research going

Market research with Webropol is neither expensive nor complicated. However, it is important to prepare the right questions for the right people. But asking is just half of the fun, market research only becomes really useful when you collect and analyze the answers in Webropol. Market research reports provide fantastic guidance for your company, and you will probably glean both expected and some unexpected insights. With Webropol, you get to know the market inside and out!

We provide the ultimate tools and help for market research

If you are more interested in buying a market research project from our team of consultants than conducting the survey by yourself, we can also help you with that. Our experienced team of research consultants form a highly skilled international market research agency and can assist you through every out the entire research. Read more about our consultancy services here (link to research and consultancy)

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