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Webropol quality assessment tools

Areas of use

Make quality your culture

Quality defines every product or service. But what defines quality? It all comes down to things like the efficiency of a service, or the functionality and durability of a product – but above all, it’s people’s experiences that define quality the most. Webropol offers the tools you need to keep track of how your customers, employees – or just about anyone –feel. It allows you to incorporate quality awareness in the way you work, and make improvement a natural part of each day.

Quality assessment made easy

With Webropol, quality assessment questions are easy to prepare and send out. The results you get back are saved in Webropol, and are easily sorted, analysed and benchmarked. Continuously gathering feedback from customers is an important part of meeting ISO standards. But the Webropol quality assessment tools also let you look inward and make sure your company is the very best it can be. With eTests, you can certify the competence levels of your employees. The employees, in turn, can easily – and anonymously – evaluate the management through Webropol. You also get the perfect tools for process and project evaluation and follow-up.

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