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Qurioso Using Webropol


Consulting Agency Uses Webropol Tool for Research and Analysis
Based in Sweden, consulting agency Qurioso provides insight management services to support clients in developing their crucial short and long term strategic planning. Qurioso, which means Curious, was founded in 2012 by Market Analyst Charlotte Dickens. Charlotte has an extensive background in the international paper industry comprising several marketing, sales and analyst roles.

Qurioso Delivers Advanced Research and Consulting Projects
Using Webropol, Qurioso have successfully delivered a large number of projects including but not limited to 360 degrees evaluations (HR, loyalty, service, brand, DNA, etc.), mapping and segmentation, target market analyses, customer/employee satisfaction tracking, awareness tracking, stakeholder surveys, personas, fully personalised strategic surveys, trend-spotting services and much more. “Of fundamental importance is establishing how the research results are used in practice. Our customers are able to resolve problems relating to target marketing and product positioning, identifying areas of development and boosting management skills, how to fuel innovation, establishing trends and recognising sales strategies that work”. Charlotte also added “I’ve assisted Clients in implementing changes based on results as Qurioso believes it is imperative to act on insights”

Webropol is used for Data Collection and Tailor-Made Analysis and Reporting
Charlotte works in dual capacity as both the owner and market analyst enabling her to work on a variety of activities from business development to project management. For several years Webropol has come to her aid in a number of ways. Charlotte explains, “I’ve used Webropol for a multitude of reasons. From simple online surveys distributed to respondents by Qurioso, to in-depth personal interview projects reporting results to the Client’s sales teams from the discussion guide. I also use a range of reporting and analysis functions depending on the Client’s need and the complexity of the assignment“.

The best thing about Webropol is the Reliability and the Variety of Options in the Areas that Drive Qurioso’s Business
The starting point for any decision making process is largely based on the results of the research. Customers are able to make informed decisions which can lead to the restructuring of poorly functioning customer service centers, an increased focus upon strategic planning and relevant trends, selecting the right innovation, exploring specific areas that customers love and much more. Qurioso’s customers can confidently make important decisions to ensure successfully managed projects using a reputable tool for gathering and analyzing insights.

When asked “What is the main benefit of using Webropol?” Charlotte answered “Reliability”, she went on to say “The best thing about Webropol as a research tool is the variety of options in the areas that drive my business and the back-up I get from the Support and Analysis team is second to none”