Webropol. The easy-to-use online survey tool,
with the all-you-want functionality.

Every year, 50,000 Webropol users collect feedback from 20 million people.

Choose Nordic Webropol – a cost efficient technical forerunner.

Online Surveys
and Analysis

An online survey tool such as Webropol must be a breeze to create surveys and questionnaires in. But we think it’s what you can do with the answers that is the most important.


Customer Feedback
Customer satisfaction surveys
Product feedback
Event invitation and registration
Sales meeting surveys
Website feedback

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HR Research
Employee satisfaction surveys
Recruitment forms
Exit interviews
360 evaluations

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Market Research
Product development research
Buying behaviour
Package design
Brand and image surveys
Ad testing

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Universities and Public Sector
Automated course evaluation systems for universities
Feedback of public sector services
Quality control and measurement
Project feedback

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Case: Cloetta and Webropol

“At Cloetta we conduct a lot of different surveys regarding consumer behaviour and opinions with Webropol.” Mr. Ilkka Ketola, Market Research Manager, Cloetta Finland

50 000 users collect continuous,
real time feedback from 20 million people
each year with Webropol.