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Archive for July, 2018

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Survey Software


3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Survey Software

By: Reuben Yonatan

Creating an effective survey for your employees is not as easy as you think. There are a ton of factors that go into creating a survey, like paying attention to the question format, making sure themes are relevant to current issues in the workplace, and ensuring they can be done in a timely manner. However, it’s not easy to do this on your own. It requires another person to look over your survey, and it might even require a number of revisions to get it right, but who has time for that?Survey software aims to help businesses by automating much of the creation process, while spreading it to tons of people simultaneously and in a secure fashion. Here, we’re going to break down three reasons why your business needs survey software and what survey software brings to the table.

1. Pre-built Survey Templates
We’re all guilty of judging a book by its cover. It’s not a bad thing when it comes to surveys, though. Businesses should be going out of their way to design surveys that are visually appealing to whoever is taking them. Handing one over to an employee or customer that looks like it was just thrown together and printed on Microsoft Word isn’t going to convince him/her any effort was put into it.

Survey software typically comes with templates for businesses to choose from in order to make the entire survey more visually appealing and professional. They can be personalized to include a logo, showing whoever is taking the survey that an effort was actually made to make the survey look nice, which lets that person believe their opinion matters.

Your business should strive to look as professional as possible in all aspects. Your store or office should be clean and organized; your website should be updated, scalable, and easily navigable; your emails should be personalized and include a logo. There are a ton of aspects to consider that require lots of attention. No one can manage everything on their own. Survey software allows businesses to relax a little by offering pre-designed templates, and that can make all the difference for HR and support teams.

2. Automated Scheduling and Distribution
Like we briefly mentioned before, automations are a significant game changer for businesses in all fields. However, support and HR teams are often in the most contact with customers, who have to have the time to deal with more important matters that require their full attention. Surveys are an important way to find out more about the office culture or customer experience, but that doesn’t mean you should put everything off until the surveys are completed and distributed.

Through automated scheduling, businesses can pick and choose when a survey should go out to anyone they wish to fill it out. Automated distribution lets support and HR teams focus on their more important tasks by automatically sending them out to whoever the business wants. These two automations combined are an absolute essential when purchasing survey software.

If you don’t use survey software, this means you’re building the list of people to send the survey to manually and you’re sending the email to every single one of those people yourself. If you’re working in a brick-and-mortar store and your customers had a positive experience, but there’s not enough time to pull them aside to fill out a survey, you could ask for an email to send the survey to so they can fill it out when it’s a more appropriate time. This puts less pressure on the customer and gives them more of an incentive to fill it out.

3. Generate Powerful Reports
There’s no point in creating and handing out surveys if you’re not going to organize and analyze them properly. You can write the best survey the world’s ever seen, but if you’re not handling the data correctly, the effort will be pointless. The goal is to take the data gathered from the surveys to determine whether or not your support and HR efforts are leading the business in the right direction.

Your business needs survey software because it will analyze the data collected from the surveys and will generate reports that are visually appealing and easy to read. This is necessary because without knowing what the results from your surveys are, you won’t know if you need to change your business strategies or not.

This can be done manually, but again, who has the time to go through all that data? We’ll give you a hint: no one — especially for enterprises with thousands of employees and significantly larger audiences. In this day and age, every business and every department should be able to look to their software for easily-accessible reports and use them to their advantage whenever they want.

The Final Word
Survey software is an imperative for businesses with HR and support teams. It’s also important for anyone interested in learning more about their customers and what they can do differently to improve the customer and employee experience. Without it, business is still possible, but it’s going to be much harder to get anything done.

Employees can’t spend all day working on building surveys, processing them, and distributing them to customers and other employees. Everyone has a lot on their plate to begin with: customers today want to be in and out of the store; agents are working one-on-one with customers who have more important issues that need to be resolved. By purchasing survey software, you give your business the best opportunity to improve the overall customer and employee experience.

About the author:
Reuben Yonatan is the founder/CEO @ , a leading comparison guide that connects companies with a VoIP provider for their needs.

Students, have your say with Webropol!



As the academic year draws to a close, teaching staff throughout the UK will be reflecting upon the success of the year, ahead of results day. With increasingly stretched resources and more demands on their time, collecting feedback may seem like an impossible challenge for some staff. However, the time invested in collecting students honest opinions can be used to increase efficiencies, save costs, and help students to get the maximum benefit from their education.


With tuition fees rising, disputes over degree classification and uncertainty within the job market, students are under a lot of pressure when it comes to their education. Many university students want to receive good value in return for high tuition fees, so collecting their feedback allows university staff to see where improvements can be made. It is always better to ask the customer, in this case the student, directly rather than to assume you know what they want. The results may be surprising, such as increased teaching hours, or longer working days.


These pressures are not unique to university students. Younger students are facing issues such as mental health problems, changing examination criteria and funding shortages in their schools, which can lead to increased stress. These students may not have an opportunity to say how they feel, so circulating an anonymous feedback survey gives them a chance to share their views. Such feedback may notify teaching staff that extra support is needed, or that certain approaches need to be adjusted.  Often with anonymous surveys, respondents feel that they can be more candid with their answers, but this must be weighed up against the ability to identify a respondent to follow up on any individual support they may need.

Collecting student feedback does not need to be laborious. With Webropol Advanced Course Feedback, collecting student reviews is simple. We can facilitate integrations between student information systems to make accessing student contact information easy, and questionnaires can be set up centrally to reach many students at once. This is particularly useful for regular and consistent feedback cycles, such as end of year,  and also gives the opportunity to include specific questions when needed, such as specific module or content questions.  We provide automatic scheduling and reminders, reducing the burden for admin staff. Our popular and powerful reporting tools can be used to analyse the results, identifying key themes and trends to target improvement.


Many universities and colleges in the UK and internationally are already using Webropol Advanced Course Feedback with great success.

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