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Archive for February, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day: Our top tools to help your employees feel valued


St Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14th February and is an opportunity to ensure your loved ones know how much you love and appreciate them. Whilst romantic love is most commonly celebrated on Valentine’s Day, there are some other important people, and relationships to celebrate and share the love with on 14th February – your employees and colleagues!

For any relationship to be successful both parties need to feel that their opinions are important and their contributions are valued. This is especially true for working relationships, as employees that feel valued are likely to be more motivated and therefore more productive.

There are a couple of methods to ensure your employees feel valued:

  1. Conduct an Employee Engagement survey to gather their opinions
    Conducting an employee engagement survey allows you to collect data from your employees on a range of aspects of the workplace, from the job role itself to the culture of the organisation. By asking employees directly, you can collect valid feedback and ensure that the work environment you offer is suited to their needs. Gaining employee feedback is vital to ensure that you are providing the right things to ensure that they continue to feel valued and therefore more motivated.We can provide a HR Compass solution which is designed to assess staff satisfaction, covering a wide range of topics so that you can ensure the right information is collected for your organisation.  Asking the right questions ensures that useful, actionable feedback can be collected.
  2. Provide positive feedback and encouragement
    Recognition for a job well done confirms to employees and colleagues that their contribution is valuable and you appreciate the effort they have expended. Recognition for good work is motivating as employees and colleagues want to maintain this good standard. Also, providing constructive criticism and guidance can help an employee or colleague to develop and improve and shows you care about their development.Conducting a 360-degree evaluation survey allows you to provide feedback to employees and colleagues, giving them the opportunity to collect data on their strongest skills and successful areas, and constructive guidance to areas where their skills could be improved. This data can be empowering to employees and colleagues as this helps them to structure their personal development.Receiving positive feedback and recognition helps to reinforce good practice and is rewarding for the employee. We can provide a 360-degree evaluation process tailored to your needs.
  3. Share best practice and success stories
    Recognition for good work is motivating for the individual employee, so go a step further by sharing this information and promoting good work throughout the organisation. Sharing best practice like this has many benefits, including improvements in efficiency and productivity as employees and colleagues have a tangible example of best practice and can begin to replicate it, creating a culture for learning and development within the organisation.Webropol VIEW is an ideal tool to share best practice and success stories, as you can create dashboards containing all types of elements such as report data, files and videos to share with the organisation and externally. Dashboards could be used as an interactive newsletter sharing performance news and KPIs, or to create a resource library for training, or to share key news with customers.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Webropol!

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Online Survey Tools: Free vs Freemium vs Paid Software


When survey tools were introduced in the late 1990s, they had limited functionality. They were only accessible via a computer, and were often unengaging and laborious to use. As technology has progressed over the years, so has the popularity of online survey tools. The survey tools of today have a host of intuitive features tailored to the wide variety of purposes they are used for. Digital agencies may use survey tools for user testing purposes, e-commerce stores may use online survey tools to collect feedback from their customers, and market research organisations may want to use online survey tools to collect a vast amount of data quickly.

The accessibility of survey tools makes them even more appealing, as they can be linked and shared through social media platforms and can be accessed via a range of devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Online survey tools have adapted to suit the changing nature of consumers and their requirements in the digital age.

With such a wide range of survey tools and licence types to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to choose.

Comparing the different offerings


A free version of a survey software product aims to get users to try out the software and will always have a place in the market. Free versions often have limitations, such as a limit to the amount of questions or question types that can be used, or the amount of respondents that the survey can be distributed to.

At Webropol, we provide a Try It Now opportunity. Any user can trial our software for 14 days, giving them access to the full range of features offered by our standard survey licence. We are confident that you will like our survey tools and want to continue with an annual licence, but if you do not, we will terminate the licence at the end of the 14 days with no charges or issues.


With freemium survey tools, basic functionality is free for the user and advanced features are restricted unless they are paid for. This flexibility is often useful for users as they can trial the software without any risks, and only pay for the features that they need to use. The disadvantage with freemium tools is that, features are limited and upgrading to advanced features can be more expensive than a paid-for licence.


A paid-for licence or account gives you access to the full product offering and generally works out cheaper in the long term. Whilst some may see the cost as a disadvantage, survey providers are priced competitively so that users can be certain they are getting a good deal, often including discounts or increased functionality.

At Webropol, we reward our customers for their loyalty, as we value their feedback on our software. With the support of our users, we can ensure we are providing leading technology and the most intuitive software on the market.

Webropol software is known for being cost effective and functional.   Check out the comparison of features between our standard licence compared with other leading survey providers:

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