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Archive for March, 2019

Why Use Online Market Research Surveys


Market trends are ever changing, as well as industry and competitor landscapes. If businesses aren’t working hard to understand the following, they are at great risk of slipping behind, losing market share, customer trust or satisfaction.

Every business has a responsibility to:

● Understand the ever-evolving needs, wants and demands of their customers

● To recognise the potential for new customers

● To explore prospective new areas for entry with their products or range of services

● To establish brand awareness, affinity and positioning

How can a business work to understand these points?


reviewing data from online surveys

Let’s look towards an industry currently maximising the use of surveys, the digital and creative industry.

Any business looking to undertake a redesign and redevelopment of their website nowadays may not just take the straightforward approach to the project of just redoing their business site based on the requirements of internal stakeholders. The business may look for the opinion of their customers.
More and more digital agencies have developed user research and user experience (UX) propositions; where external stakeholders (i.e. current or prospective customers) are consulted by the digital agencies on behalf of the business they are producing the new website for.

What are the benefits to online surveys?

Online surveys are becoming invaluable for digital agencies in garnering the opinions on their client’s current website, giving external stakeholders ample opportunity to feedback on the issues they have experienced navigating around the current website and things they’d like to see moving forward for the new website i.e. live chat, FAQs area, or video content (as examples). It’s fairly common practice for agencies to offer an incentive to segment these customers into user groups, then to offer incentives for completing the survey i.e. an Amazon Voucher.

This example provided shows how online surveys are showing resounding success for Design, Creative and UX agencies, in that; the outcome of the new websites when launched should be that they meet the requirements and demands of both internal/external stakeholders. With all parties having been consulted.

This principle doesn’t really differ for any other business. Maybe your business doesn’t have the need for a new website, but instead, a need to receive the ideas, thoughts or feedback from customers for something else your business is working to achieve.

Online surveys in this respect can prove to be invaluable. For additional information about how online surveys can benefit your company, contact us today.

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IWD2019 #BalanceforBetter



International Women’s Day falls on Friday 8th March, providing the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. This year, the theme is #BalanceforBetter which intends to promote a more gender balanced world.

For a lot of organisations to become gender balanced, this involves recruiting and retaining more women. The benefits of a diverse workforce are well researched.

Having a more equal representation of women in your workplace creates a wider talent pool, bringing together different skills and unique experiences, resulting in more effective and considerate team working. Women in the workplace can act as role models and mentors for younger colleagues and employees, which is an investment in the future workforce. More women in the workplace can also appeal to your customers, as a significant proportion of the global population consists of women, so we need to actively understand their requirements in order to provide suitable products and services to them.

These benefits apply not only to encouraging more women to join your organisation, but ensuring your organisation is attractive to and representative of all types of individual, regardless of ethnicity, religion, culture, beliefs or sexual orientation. Therefore the #BalanceforBetter campaign is a timely opportunity to ensure that your organisation is inclusive and gender-balanced.

Consulting your employees and getting their feedback is an effective way of assessing the organisation culture. This allows you to gather their views in a safe environment, giving staff the opportunity to feedback on how the organisation could improve. As the front line, they will have clear views on what the organisation needs to do to recruit, attract, or retain a more gender-balanced and inclusive workforce. The added benefit is that this might bring to light some areas which can help to make the organisation more appealing to the current workforce, which boosts productivity and morale. Gaining a diverse range of feedback which is representative of the unique skills and requirements of your workforce can also help you to understand your customers and improve your competitive offering.

Collecting feedback which is representative of the unique skills and requirements of your staff can also help you to better understand your customers and improve your competitive offering.

To collect staff feedback or implement a staff engagement survey, contact us today.
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This year, Employee Appreciation Day falls on Friday 1st March, giving organisations everywhere the opportunity to show their employees that they are valued.  There is extensive evidence to indicate that recognition and appreciation are key motivational factors for employees, and providing them with an engaging working environment can boost productivity, motivation and satisfaction.

At Webropol, we recognise the importance of the day, but believe that employee appreciation should take place all year round! We are fortunate to have a diverse team, so we have each shared our insights into employee appreciation below.

Amy, Managing Director:

Employee Appreciation Day is a fabulous way to show staff how much you appreciate their efforts and how grateful you are for their contribution to the organisation’s success. It is necessary in the modern workplace to ensure that my team maintain a cohesive environment, are happy and engaged.

The key to improving employee satisfaction, engagement and happiness whilst boosting morale and productivity is to show your employees how valuable they are and how much you appreciate them.

Here are some of the things I do with my team, so they know I appreciate them:

  • Treat them to lunch or nights out – seems obvious but don’t just leave it for the annual Christmas party, make them realise they are important all year round.
  • Update the break out room – we have a Nintendo Wii, outdated I know but still the best. A good game of bowling or tennis is great for those who are competitive and fun for everyone else.  We have a competition running all year round and the winner gets a Gold Medal.
  • Have a cause for celebration. This year on Pancake Day, the team are coming round to mine for a Pancake Day extravaganza … yummy 🙂
  • Take a survey, find out if you have a happy and engaged workplace. This could be anything from employee engagement to stress risk assessment.  Give staff a voice to express themselves, take actions so they know you are listening.
  • Simply say thank you. Simple and effective.
  • I haven’t told them yet … but I’m thinking about introducing Game Night, still working on the logistics of that one 🙂

Matt, Technical Project Manager:

Appreciation is an easy way to provide that little bit of motivation that all employees sometimes need. It can also be something that will help to boost confidence and help individuals to reach their potential. For me your employer showing this appreciation, no matter how big or small the gesture, just shows that the work you are doing is not being taken for granted. Something so small, like a quick email displaying their gratitude or an office outing, can go a long way to ensuring that the workforce feels appreciated.

   Heather, Project Manager:

It’s really easy to get caught up in ongoing goals, focusing on the next task and forgetting to celebrate the small wins. Therefore, I think its important to regularly take the time to recognise what your team have achieved. I think sharing success stories with the rest of the organisation and giving personal recognition is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate them. They are getting praise and good feedback, and the rest of the team also gain examples of good practice to learn from. Sharing success stories does not cost anything and is simple to do, so is easy to implement on a regular basis! I also feel valued when my team members ask for my opinions or advice on something. It makes me feel that my individual contributions are important and they care about what I have to say!

Nathan, IT Apprentice:

Despite only recently joining the team, I already feel part of the team and have done since day 1. As an apprentice I am ultimately here to learn. My team members have all been involved in my learning, and have always been honest with my work and progress, offering both praise and constructive criticism. Employee Appreciation Day feels quite important to me now as I genuinely feel valued by the team. This has come down to:

  • Being made very welcome by the whole team
  • Having everyone involved in my learning and training
  • How everyone has helped me already in developing my skills
  • Going out and planning team outings to movies, meals and more
  • Stress levels being important to the team (we even have a wii to de-stress if we need it)
  • Little things, such as my boss saying ‘thank you’, or buying me a coffee.

If you would like more information about how our survey tools can be used to support and empower your workforce, contact us today.

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