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Harry’s Gap Year with Webropol

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I’m Harry, I’m 19 years old and have been working as a Helpdesk Support Assistant for Webropol since September 2017.

When I started working at Webropol Ltd back in September, it’s fair to say I had no idea what to expect. Obviously I knew the company, the employees, but I had to ask myself, what did I really want out of this opportunity? Finally, almost 9 months later, I know the answer.

During my time with Webropol, I have been heavily involved in both the iMatter and KONE Sales Competency projects, by providing on hand support to resolve issues as quickly as possible. I believe that providing this high level of support to all of Webropol’s customers has allowed me to develop a portfolio of new skills, which will be vital for my future career path.

Especially in the first few months I could become a little overwhelmed at times which is why I am grateful that I had such a supportive team to work with. I was always comfortable in the knowledge that, if I was unsure or concerned about an issue, I would always be provided with insightful guidance to undertake any difficult tasks or challenges. Working closely with Amy, Matt and Heather has been a pleasure and I believe that they really helped me to grasp the requirements of my job, allowing me to undertake it with such enthusiasm.

My advice to a new Webropol apprentice or employee would be:

To never be afraid to ask questions! Sometimes when tasks feel challenging, a quick discussion with a colleague is a far better approach to tackling the problem than undertaking something you are unsure of alone. I believe that teamwork can solve any problem and teamwork is in abundance here at Webropol.

So, after almost 9 months of working here, it is sadly time to say goodbye to Webropol as I look ahead to University in September. I will be studying English Literature and Creative Writing in pursuit of my career goal of becoming a Journalist. I believe that my time at Webropol has provided me with vital skills and a true grasp of working life, which will benefit my career.

I would like to take this post as a final opportunity to say thank you to our customers, and Matt, Heather and Amy for the support. I wish them, and all the rest of the Webropol Community the very best for the future.