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Students, have your say with Webropol!


  As the academic year draws to a close, teaching staff throughout the UK will be reflecting upon the success of the year, ahead of results day. With increasingly stretched resources and more demands on their time, collecting feedback may seem like an impossible challenge for some staff. However, the time invested in collecting students […]

Survey Reporting and Why it should be Simple


Surveys are becoming more and more popular whether you are a multi-national business looking to better understand your employees or a student looking to gather evidence and opinions for your course. Surveys can help gain qualitative data from a large audience, but how do you process this data and how can you report on the […]

Customer First – the whole story


It has been proven many times that standing still in customer service levels is not an option. Providing the same service levels as last year is unlikely to generate the same level of customer satisfaction. Expectations are on the increase all the time in all aspects of life so organisations need to keep improving the […]

Harry’s Gap Year with Webropol


I’m Harry, I’m 19 years old and have been working as a Helpdesk Support Assistant for Webropol since September 2017. When I started working at Webropol Ltd back in September, it’s fair to say I had no idea what to expect. Obviously I knew the company, the employees, but I had to ask myself, what […]

Maintaining a customer-centric organisation


In this final blog in our series of 5 we take a look at making sure the customer is at the heart of your organisation and is the driving force behind your strategy and your day-to-day decisions. We’ve seen how happy customers are the key to a successful business. In order to know if your […]

Maximising the Insight and Value


In this blog we look at how to make the most of the data you gather. It’s all too easy to get lots of customer feedback, but then not be able to make good use of it. We are going to look briefly at 5 topics today: 1. Big Data and some of the truths […]

Celebrating Medical Professionals within the Health Sector


Medical professionals provide vital health care services in a sector which is becoming increasingly difficult to work in. The health sector faces ongoing cuts to funding, leading to harsher working conditions as less resources and staff must manage an increased workload and demand, which results in longer hours and more pressure for employees. Research suggests […]

Getting valuable feedback


 This blog explores the key points around survey design, helping you to ask your customers the right questions. We have previously looked at some methods for collecting feedback, including paper surveys, electronic surveys, telephone surveys and tablet based surveys. They each have advantages and disadvantages and some are more appropriate for certain situations than […]

UK Mental Health Awareness Week


With Mental Health Awareness week taking place in the UK between 14th-20th May 2018, focusing on the theme of stress this year, it serves as an important reminder to consider the impact of stress at work and how mental health issues can affect our workforce. Stress is a common risk factor at work and evidence […]

What your customers think


In this blog we explore the basic principles of customer research and assesses some of the options for how to gather feedback from your customers. It is worth taking stock of how much you know about your customers and what they think of you. How do you gather feedback from them? Do you really know […]