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Maximising the Insight and Value


In this blog we look at how to make the most of the data you gather. It’s all too easy to get lots of customer feedback, but then not be able to make good use of it. We are going to look briefly at 5 topics today: 1. Big Data and some of the truths […]

Celebrating Medical Professionals within the Health Sector


Medical professionals provide vital health care services in a sector which is becoming increasingly difficult to work in. The health sector faces ongoing cuts to funding, leading to harsher working conditions as less resources and staff must manage an increased workload and demand, which results in longer hours and more pressure for employees. Research suggests […]

Getting valuable feedback


 This blog explores the key points around survey design, helping you to ask your customers the right questions. We have previously looked at some methods for collecting feedback, including paper surveys, electronic surveys, telephone surveys and tablet based surveys. They each have advantages and disadvantages and some are more appropriate for certain situations than […]

UK Mental Health Awareness Week


With Mental Health Awareness week taking place in the UK between 14th-20th May 2018, focusing on the theme of stress this year, it serves as an important reminder to consider the impact of stress at work and how mental health issues can affect our workforce. Stress is a common risk factor at work and evidence […]

What your customers think


In this blog we explore the basic principles of customer research and assesses some of the options for how to gather feedback from your customers. It is worth taking stock of how much you know about your customers and what they think of you. How do you gather feedback from them? Do you really know […]

Why happy customers matter


In this blog we explore why happy customers matter to every organisation, their value to you and the cost of losing them. When we use the word customer, we really mean anyone who your organisation serves. They may be other businesses, consumers who purchase from you, diners in your restaurant, patients in your clinic, visitors […]

Diversity at Work


International Women’s Day, observed on 8th March, is a global celebration of women’s achievements, which is particularly significant this year in light of recent scandals such as pay inequalities and the #MeToo movement. Originating in 1909, the theme for International Women’s Day in 2018 was #PressforProgress, encouraging all to consider gender inclusivity. Although gender inclusivity […]

Prepare for GDPR with Webropol!


Prepare for GDPR with Webropol! As of 25th May 2018, the new EU regulation, GDPR, comes into force. GDPR aims to update the existing Data Protection Act, recognising how the use of the internet has grown widely during recent years and has changed how data is handled and accessed. The aim of GDPR is to […]

Meet the Webropol UK team!


2017 marked ten years of Webropol UK and the future looks promising, with our team having expanded by 25% this year alone. Originating in Finland, Webropol is the most used data collection tool in the Nordic countries, providing Software as a Service. Solutions include survey and data collection, reporting and analysis, and additional modules such […]

Improving Staff Engagement


3 Steps to Improve Staff Engagement in Large Organizations Employees who feel engaged, involved and valued provide for a strong workforce and a strong workforce is essential to achieve continuous improvement in delivering services.  It is in the benefit of the organisation that employees enjoy a positive employee experience.  By regularly reviewing the levels of […]