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Why Use Online Market Research Surveys

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Market trends are ever changing, as well as industry and competitor landscapes. If businesses aren’t working hard to understand the following, they are at great risk of slipping behind, losing market share, customer trust or satisfaction.

Every business has a responsibility to:

● Understand the ever-evolving needs, wants and demands of their customers

● To recognise the potential for new customers

● To explore prospective new areas for entry with their products or range of services

● To establish brand awareness, affinity and positioning

How can a business work to understand these points?


reviewing data from online surveys

Let’s look towards an industry currently maximising the use of surveys, the digital and creative industry.

Any business looking to undertake a redesign and redevelopment of their website nowadays may not just take the straightforward approach to the project of just redoing their business site based on the requirements of internal stakeholders. The business may look for the opinion of their customers.
More and more digital agencies have developed user research and user experience (UX) propositions; where external stakeholders (i.e. current or prospective customers) are consulted by the digital agencies on behalf of the business they are producing the new website for.

What are the benefits to online surveys?

Online surveys are becoming invaluable for digital agencies in garnering the opinions on their client’s current website, giving external stakeholders ample opportunity to feedback on the issues they have experienced navigating around the current website and things they’d like to see moving forward for the new website i.e. live chat, FAQs area, or video content (as examples). It’s fairly common practice for agencies to offer an incentive to segment these customers into user groups, then to offer incentives for completing the survey i.e. an Amazon Voucher.

This example provided shows how online surveys are showing resounding success for Design, Creative and UX agencies, in that; the outcome of the new websites when launched should be that they meet the requirements and demands of both internal/external stakeholders. With all parties having been consulted.

This principle doesn’t really differ for any other business. Maybe your business doesn’t have the need for a new website, but instead, a need to receive the ideas, thoughts or feedback from customers for something else your business is working to achieve.

Online surveys in this respect can prove to be invaluable. For additional information about how online surveys can benefit your company, contact us today.

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