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Webropol online survey tool – Get the answers that matter

Our product

The quickest way from question to insight

Webropol is a breeze to create online surveys with. But don’t just take our word for it. The main thing our more than 70,000 users worldwide say about Webropol, is that it is fun and intuitive to use, and easy to learn.

Our customers conduct surveys that over 30 million people answer every year. And in our comprehensive reporting tool it all comes together, it is here you gain the knowledge that allow you to make informed, well thought out decisions. This is where information becomes insight.

With Webropol, you get world leading technical features combined with user-friendly design. And above all, the information, understanding and knowledge that let you get ahead!

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Popular features – What’s hot in Webropol?

MS Office add-in functions

Create questionnaires in Word, transfer them directly to Webropol and distribute/transmit them with just a few clicks. You can also send the questionnaires and follow the results directly from Outlook without even logging in to your
Webropol account.

Respondent-specific questions

In Webropol, you can use features such as jump logic to only show questions that are relevant to the respondent.


Apply scores to questions and create tests. The results are available immediately and the respondents will automatically be scored and categorized.

Mass reporting

Reporting work that previously took weeks, now takes just a few hours. With mass reporting you can create individual, team and department specific reports in minutes.

360° questionnaires

A diverse view of your interest groups regarding the service, product, contact persons and employees

Qualitative text analysis

Make a rapid analysis of hundreds or thousands of texts with the Webropol Text Mining analysis module

Impressive reports

Create a research report that makes your audience say wow. Flexible comparison options and multiple ways to present your data help you reach the right conclusions.

Professional Statistics Module

For those who want to take their analyses one step further – experience correlation analysis, t-tests, chi2-tests, crosstabs, cluster analysis and many more statistics functions made easy in Webropol.

Simulation and prediction analysis

A very easy to use feature which allows you to create simulations and make difficult decisions much more easily based on the simulations.

Templates for forms and e-mails

Use or modify one of the 15 survey template styles available or create templates from scratch.