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Analysing and visualising with the Webropol survey tool

Our product


step1Create questionnaires in a matter of minutes


step2Send out your survey and collect answers


step3Get real-time results in an automatic report

Where it all comes together

The purpose of every survey is to reach conclusions and insights, and to use it to make your business, services or products even better. Webropol has lots of easy-to-learn tools for analysis of both numerical data and qualitative text answers. From beginner level to advanced functionality – it all comes together in Webropol Professional Statistics.

  • Easily create clusters of your customers
  • Compare your groups and segments with cross tabulations in an easy but professional way
  • See which factors affect your most important key performance indicators (such as recommendation) with correlation analysis
  • Visualize correlation results and other statistical analysis results
  • Create indexes (customer satisfaction index, employee satisfaction index) – A data discovery tool with numerous statistical analyses
  • Use our simulation and prediction tool Webropol Insight to get guidelines for your action plan

Text mining tool for qualitative text analysis

Predictive analysis

Clear and extensive research reports

Graphic user interface that’s easy to learn

When you got hundreds of text answers,
Text Mining is your best friend

Many of our customers say that open-ended text answers contain the most useful information, but take a long time to process. That’s why we created Webropol Text Mining – which helps you analyse texts in minutes. With functions such as word clouds, grouping on positive and negative words, word diagrams and word correlations you easily get full control over everything from A to Z.

Real time, visually impressive reporting – start spreading the word

When you want to present your survey results, you have lots of possibilities to create good looking, clear and concise reports – directly in Webropol, or export modifiable reports easily to MS Office. Your report’s graphic design can be automatically transferred from the questionnaire, and you can create and publish reports in real time, while collecting answers. What is more, you will always know what’s going on with automatic scheduled reports and special e-mail alerts for important responses. Webropol offers countless ways of visualizing, comparing and publishing your data – always with that Webropol “wow-factor”.

Business intelligence made smarter

Webropol is the perfect tool for business intelligence. See which things influence your key performance indicators most strongly, and use simulation and prediction tools to understand the consequences of your action plans. You can get to know your customers better, by exploring and comparing different customer segments. And you never have to worry about vast data quantities. Webropol’s mass reporting and OLAP functionality make large data information a small challenge.

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