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Every survey you can imagine. And then some.

Our product


step1Create questionnaires in a matter of minutes


step2Send out your survey and collect answers


step3Get real-time results in an automatic report

Get creative with Webropol

We know you’re in a hurry, everybody is these days. So we put a lot of effort into making Webropol easy and quick to work with, and all the features and flexibility you need to create just the survey you want. You create your questionnaires in an innovative drag & drop interface, you can also save your designs as templates for later use. Of course, you can design your templates to match perfectly with your company’s graphic identity. Or if you are in a hurry – use our pre-designed templates.


questionnaire templates

Customize your survey

to fit your brand look

16 different question types covers

all your survey needs

Customize your survey

to fit your brand look

When “yes or no” doesn’t cover it

Everything in the world isn’t black or white. That’s why Webropol comes with over 20 inspiring question types that always let you discover every aspect of what your respondent thinks. With question piping and skip logic functions, you can make sure you never waste the respondent’s time, and always get straight to the point with the most relevant questions.

  • Easily create multiple language surveys
  • MS Office add-in functions let you create, export and send questionnaires in Word and Outlook,
    without even logging in to your Webropol account.
  • Both create and answer surveys with mobile devices
  • New take-a-break function allows pauses in answering
  • Webropol is being developed to meet WCAG 2.1 level AA criteria
  • Create QR codes for quick mobile access

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