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Save your time and let Webropol’s research experts create your questionnaire and reports


Customised surveys

We design and implement the survey just the way you like it – all of the survey or the parts you choose. Our skilled staff will help you ask the right questions and create just the look you want for the questionnaire. When the responses come in, we filter them according to your requirements and create customised reports that can be followed in real time. We can also help you compare your survey to previous ones.

Outsource a part of your research or entire projects to Webropol

Surveys carried out by us include

HR Research
360 – evaluations
Staff engagement surveys
Equality research
Evaluations of leadership
Well-being at work research

Customer research
Customer satisfaction surveys
Customer database information gathering
Digital user experience
Reader satisfaction surveys
Service quality

Other Research Areas
Event evaluations
Market Research
Member surveys
Patient information forms
Digital voting system

Layout templates for questionnaires and emails

Would you have a layout template tailor made for the use of your organisation? Ensure a uniform and professional look for all your organisation’s surveys! We make the layout of your organisation’s questionnaire and email templates according to your visual instructions, in a cost efficient and professional manner.

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