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Webropol HR Compass Employee Engagement Survey


Would you like a 3rd party to carry out your staff engagement survey? Do you feel you do not have the time to carry out the staff engagement survey yourselves? The Webropol HR Compass Staff Engagement Survey makes it quick and easy to develop your staff engagement. Our research experts carry out the entire process from data collection to reporting on your behalf.

A Comprehensive Survey for Developing Your Staff Engagement

Staff engagement is a result of several areas. The HR Compass –staff engagement survey tracks 11 different areas, such as work situation, leadership, health, information flow, work climate, wellbeing and motivation. Our staff engagement survey includes 80 scale questions and 2 open ended questions, with which staff evaluate areas that affect staff engagement.


A Reliable Analysis and Versatile Report Helps Prioritise Development Measures

Developing employee and staff engagement is easy with Webropol’s HR Compass comprehensive report. The employee engagement survey results show the most important areas for improving staff engagement as well as differences between departments. Important areas for engagement include workplace climate, wellbeing and motivation. Measuring your current situation helps you identify areas of improvement systematically in order to enable development of staff engagement.


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