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Information Platforms are the Future

Why Webropol

Advanced information platform solutions to suit your needs

Webropol’s information platforms are cost-efficient and fine-tuned according to customer’s needs. Their implementation is quick but requires a definition of the target outcome by the customer, according to which Webropol fine-tunes the platform.

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Case Management

Case Management is the further processing of Webropol feedback, responses, applications, improvement ideas and complaints by transferring them from one person / case handler to another. It allows comprehensive follow-up and reporting of the processed cases.

Assessment of Law Proposals and Thesis

USED IN THE PROCESS OF EVALUATING LAW PROPOSALS IN FINLAND. Evaluating extensive materials, such as law proposals, reports, dissertations etc. is laborious with the traditional methods. It takes a long time to make summaries of the evaluation statements.

Webropol’s solution makes the aforementioned job much quicker and more versatile.

Selling of e-Tests and Comfortable Administration of Purchased e-Tests

AN ADVANCED SOLUTION BOTH FOR THE BUYER AND SELLER. A modern solution for selling tests and skill evaluations. Also allows credit card payment.

Managing purchased tests and skill evaluations is flexible and easy for the buyer. The buyer can store, share and transfer the test from one person to another or put the purchased test back in storage. Results follow-up and tracking the skill development over time is versatile.

Advanced Course Feedback

WHEN THE STANDARD SURVEY TOOL IS NOT ENOUGH. Universities and other education institutes with high standards demand more than a conventional survey tool to meet future course feedback system requirements. In these cases the solution is Webropol’s information platform, which is a “centralized-decentralized” solution designed completely according to the customers needs and contains many more advanced features.

Information Platform, HR

DEVELOPING AND MONITORING LARGE STAFF VOLUMES. Directly designed for customer’s needs. Work productivity is improved by developing employee engagement, satisfaction and work well-being. This is a solution for all managers and superiors on all organizational hierarchy levels.

Information Platform, BI Reporting

A COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING FROM ALL ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Do not waste your time in repeatedly creating reports and collecting information from different sources. Instead, make sure all important meters and key performance indicators are directly available. With Information Platform you can show the correct individual information for each person. The information reported in the platform (from surveys, CRM, ERP / Other integrated information) comes through information windows which show the relevant information to each individual user.